Published August 16, 2019 by Jackielen R. Garcia


Academic Year 2019-2020 has already started and this means new beginnings and journeys are waiting to unfold. As the new academic year opens, Cagayan State University-Lasam Campus celebrated the Socialization Night on August 15, 2019 at DARP Hall wherein the CSUans witnessed a night of beauty and talent. The purpose of this event is tailored for the new students to help them adapt with their new environment and to build camaraderie towards their fellow CSUans.

The program started as the hosts Rocky Casilana, Francess Bean Damatac, and Marie Fe Pascua, welcomed the students and acknowledge the presence of the CEO Florante Victor M. Balatico, Ph.D., Vice-mayor Randy Cambe, SB member Felix Gerardo, and faculties and staffs.

As the night filled with excitement, the Socio-Cultural Organization performed an intermission number that showcased their talents in the field of dancing. After this, Dr. Balatico, Hon. Cambe, and Hon. Gerardo shared their inspirational Speech to the students followed by an intermission number from Sir Ronel T. Pacubat, an instructor from the department of College of Teacher Education, who played a song entitled “Perfect” in his violin.

When the candidates for Mr. and Ms. Freshman gracefully ramped in the middle and confidently introduced themselves, yells and cheers filled the room. The candidates with daring smiles, charm, and appeals that were given a chance to claim a title. Mr. Marco Polo Lacambra and Ms. Donabel Castaňeda (Mr. and Ms.Freshman), Mr. Jerick Javier and Ms. Sharina Agana (1st runner up) and, Mr. Aries Millen Jhon Supapo and Ms. Shiela (2nd runner up).

This kind of welcoming party serves as a good opportunity to gain and able to help each student to boost their upcoming trials and challenges the same with how they will handle and overcome difficulties during the school years and keep an eye towards success.

To sum it up the program was successful and it brings joy to all the students and teachers that are involved in said program.