CSU’ans mark the First Day of School
Published August 05, 2019 by Jackielen R. Garcia


The first day of school is like the last day of school which both considered as the beginning of new quest.

“Let today be the start of something new.” It denotes students to meet new friends, new family, new home and start a new ride as they enter tertiary level this time.

August 5, 2019 – CSU’ans of Cagayan State University - Lasam Campus marked the first day of school for the school year 2019-2020 having 270 new enrollees with a smile as the University warmly greeted the freshmen to their new academic home.

This school year 2019-2020, the University have a total number of 584 ¬¬¬students including the Earning Units (EU) which is divided into the three colleges, namely: the College of Teacher Education (CTED) having 102 of students; the College of Information and Computing Sciences (CICS) having 137 of students and; the College of Industrial Technology (CIT) having 345 of students.

Florante Victor M. Balatico,Ph.D., Campus Executive Officer (CEO), addressed and welcomed everybody and inspired the freshmen to do their best for the whole academic year.

Mr. Balatico inspiringly said, “Always remember the sacrifices of your parents. I hope you will enjoy your stay here. Good luck and always do your best.”

As the first day of classes began, dreams of students also started, new friends to meet, new challenges to surpass and a journey to continue to develop themselves.